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Asyra Diagnostics Gives You the Bigger Picture

Many people come to us for advice and information on supplements and lifestyle choices which can enhance their well-being and health. In addition to taking medical history and current health into consideration, our team also uses Asyra to provide additional data on your present inner mental, physical and spiritual balance. A non-invasive tool designed for use by a wide range of men and women, Asyra provides both baseline information on wellness as well as an opportunity for users to see whether positive lifestyle changes or better nutritional choices are making the differences they want to see.

What Is Asyra?

Asyra uses bio-energetic testing to establish well-being, based on a range of physiological and psychological outcomes. A safe low voltage, electromagnetic current is passed through the body. The responses your body has to this current are recorded. Asyra uses a large database of digitally-encoded information to match the responses given with well-being factors. This results in a comprehensive overview of your health and well-being, enabling you to pin-point the changes needed to optimize your mental and physical health.

What Are the Benefits of Asyra?

Asyra is a safe diagnostic tool which can help both patients and practitioners identify areas where your body is under additional stress or where work is required to strengthen and support regeneration, repair or rejuvenation. By using bio-energetic testing, it’s possible to gain insight into the best remedies, supplements and well-being treatments to use in order to maximize healing. Safe to use, quick and non-invasive, a growing number of our members are choosing to enhance their well-being through the use of Asyra.

FREE Asyra Consultation for Sherlyn's VIP Members

We offer Asyra as an option to all our customers, enabling everybody to take advantage of this valuable screening service. If you’re a VIP member, you can enjoy a FREE Asyra consultation. To make an appointment for your Asyra treatment, why not pop into one of our local stores to speak with a member of our helpful team?


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