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Benefits of Colonics


The Benefits of Colonics

Colonic irrigation (often known as colonics) is a technique which involves repeatedly flushing out the colon (the lower part of the bowel) with warm water.  This process is undertaken at the same time as massaging the abdomen using specialist techniques, increasing the amount of waste material which the water takes with it.  Our expert colonic therapists are all trained and experienced, enabling them to perform a safe, effective colonic that can leave you feeling cleansed and energized.


Prevents Constipation and Can Improve Digestion

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Weighing Scale

Weight Loss Can Be One of the Benefits of Colonics

Although it’s unlikely that colonics alone will bring about a dramatic weight loss, there is some evidence to suggest that a regular course of colonics may help people to maintain their current weight and perhaps lose a little.  Explanations for this loss vary, although the removal of low fiber matter which has built up in the bowel could well be one of the factors that contribute to any weight drop that’s experienced.

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