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Benefits of Massage

Massage Therapy

Discover the Mental and Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years to promote physical well-being and improve mental health.  Today there are dozens of different forms of massage, each of which can provide a relaxing yet invigorating experience that has lasting positive effects for many people.

Massage can be used on almost any part of the body as a therapeutic tool, with the back, feet and head frequently being preferred sites.

Healing Massage Therapy

Increase Blood Flow, Remove Tissue Build-Ups and Promote Healing

One of the benefits of massage therapy is that it often improves the circulation of blood and lymph fluids in the affected area.  This assists in speeding up the removal of waste products from the tissues and can reduce the amount of lymph (a common cause of swelling) which has built up in the area.

Many people find that massage can help sore muscles and soft tissues to heal, as well as potentially enhance skin rejuvenation and cell renewal.

Relaxation Massage Therapy

Improve Mood, Promote Relaxation and Reduce Stress Levels

Most people are aware of the positive difference that a soothing massage can make to mood.  Ideal as a way of relaxing and enjoying some beneficial “me” time, a massage can improve positivity and gently build resilience, helping people to regain mental calm and balance.

Particularly if massage therapy is made a regular part of your well-being routine, it’s possible to experience significant improvements both mentally and physically.

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