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Enjoy a FREE $20 Gift When You Shop with Us

Everybody loves freebies!  That’s why, as part of our aim to put our customers at the center of what we do, we gift every Shirlyn’s member with a fresh free product each month.  The item could be anything from our extensive range of nutritional supplements, cosmetics, skincare, child care selections, and much more, giving you the chance to sample high quality merchandise completely free of charge.

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Paving the Way for New Opportunities to Live in a Healthy Way

A free gift isn’t just a pleasant addition to your basket; it can also make a real impact on your healthy lifestyle.  We give our customers the opportunity to try many new and inventive products they would have never tried otherwise. The aim of our gift of the month isn’t just to give our customers goods, but also to provide them with a chance to improve their health and well-being at no additional cost.

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Exciting New Products that are Appearing on the Market

Previously unrecognized healthy nutrition choices, new vitamin combinations and innovative remedies for a selection of different ailments are always coming on to the market, giving consumers greater choice than ever before.  We use our “gift of the month” promotion as an opportunity to share the latest developments in the world of healthy nutrition with all our members.

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Our Gift of the Month is Just Part of What We Offer

In addition to a monthly free gift, members of Shirlyn’s can expect to enjoy a significant discount on all our products and services.  We are committed to doing everything we can to bring you the very best products at affordable prices, bringing healthy choices within the reach of as many people as we can.

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