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Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

We Want to Make Your Life Better!

Everyone on our team has one goal in mind:  To give you the products, advice and experiences you and your family need to have a healthier, improved quality of life.  We strive to develop an amazing team and employ a number of associates who work with us to ensure our customers enjoy exceptional customer service and a friendly, supportive staff presence whenever they shop with us.

Stacy & Kris

Our Staff is Trained on Our Products

Our team will offer product recommendations and assistance  based on 30 years of knowledge and experience.

Everyone on the team is regularly given the opportunity to undertake manufacturer’s training on various products, giving them the information they need to offer useful advice that really helps.

We strive to find merchandise which make each customer’s life easier, and value the opportunity to help them find items that make a positive difference to their mental and physical well-being.

Qualified Therapists that are Here to Help

Qualified Therapists that are Here to Help

In addition to our wide range of natural health products, nutritional supplements, vitamins, baby care products and more, we also offer our members a selection of top quality health and well-being treatments, including colon hydrotherapy, Asyra health screening, and therapeutic massage.

Skilled, attentive and dedicated to client well-being, our treatment providers offer a complete wellness solution that really makes a difference.

Shirlyn's is Committed to Our Customer's Welfare

Our goal has always been to give every customer access to the products and services they need to enjoy optimal well-being, all for an affordable price.  Since our beginnings in the mid 1980’s, we have remained true to our ideals of providing premium merchandise and helpful, attentive customer service to everyone who steps through our store doors.

To find out more about our team, or contact them for assistance, call us at (801) 495-4500 (Draper); (801) 562-1118 (Sandy) or (801) 982-0305 (Taylorsville).

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